Discover the history of the FIDES Western Hemisphere Insurance Conference

The format of the Western Hemisphere Insurance Conference, held by the Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies (FIDES) every two years, was defined in 1948, in Mexico, when its second edition took place. Since then, the conferences have served as a forum for analyzing insurance topics and the industry’s economic and social roles in the nations of the Americas and Iberian Peninsula.

During the conference’s second edition, Continental Insurance Day, celebrated on May 14, was also instituted with the goal of highlighting the sector’s social and economic importance. In 2023, this commemorative date will be 75 years old.

The Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies ( is a nonprofit organization that represents 20 countries in Latin America, as well as the United States and Spain. Its mission is to promote the development of insurance and reinsurance by publicizing the benefits that the sector offers to economies and people in member countries.

This biannual conference is an example of an initiative created by different countries in order to strengthen debate on significant topics while promoting new business and greater integration in the region. “CNseg understands that in order to come up with new solutions and products that successfully meet the needs of customers and positively impact the economy, it is necessary to promote the exchange of ideas,” says the president of Brazil’s National Confederation of Insurers (CNseg), Dyogo Oliveira.

FIDES Rio 2023

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the conference will once again be held in person, for the first time since 2019. This time, Rio de Janeiro will be the host city, between September 24 and 26. Rio has hosted two editions before: the 5th edition in 1954 and the 17th in 1979.

During the three-day event, important topics for the insurance market such as climate change, the macroeconomic situation, growing longevity, digital transformation and cybersecurity will be discussed. Around 1,500 participants are expected, including industry executives, public officials and experts. The meeting, as well as being a great opportunity to find out about the latest technical developments, will have several forums and mechanisms for networking, and also cultural activities.

“The market needs to remain attentive to global needs and trends. The insurance industry plays a fundamental role in people’s lives and in the economy, and we are eager to contribute to a more sustainable world. So, we invite all professionals in the industry to join in this endeavor,” says CNseg’s president.