FIDES Rio 2023 on track to be one of the best attended editions of this event to date

The preliminary numbers indicate that the next FIDES Western Hemisphere Insurance Conference, the first in-person edition since the COVID-19 pandemic, could come close to record attendance. More than 900 people have so far signed up for FIDES Rio 2023, which will take place from September 24 to 26 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the goal is to reach 1,500 participants. The event will be attended by delegations from 39 countries, including more than 300 insurers, reinsurance companies, brokerages, law firms and underwriters.

CEOs, presidents and executives from leading regional and global insurance groups will also be present, joining a team of specialists, public officials and globally influential leaders, observes the president of Brazil’s National Confederation of Insurers (CNseg), Dyogo Oliveira. This edition of the international insurance meeting is expected to bring together 1,500 participants, making it one of the best attended editions in the history of FIDES.

As of April, the three largest confirmed foreign delegations were those from the United States (138 registered participants), Argentina (58), the United Kingdom and Colombia (both 51). There will also be delegations from many other countries, including Portugal, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Singapore and Slovenia. There is great interest in participating in the FIDES Western Hemisphere Insurance Conference, directly related to its tradition of hosting strategic and substantive debates regarding the sustainability of the global insurance market.

In this 38th edition, the central theme will be “Insurance for a more sustainable world.” The topics to be discussed include the challenges of longevity, growing cyber risks, claims involving large infrastructure projects, climate change and insurers’ adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures. “These themes encompass some fundamental issues for the industry’s future,” says Dyogo Oliveira, the president of CNseg, the event’s host organization.